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Luxury Resorts in Nilgiris

The Nilgiris is found by the British with slope and leaning inclination that is fully surrounded by the tea plantation, natural flora and fauna, wild animals and the pleasant climate is the perfect residence of the Nilgiris. Nilgiris is a major place for the tea production and the tourist region in the southern part of India. People in Nilgiris usually experience 10-25 degrees Celsius. The nilgiris constitute major three regions namely Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. These three regions attract major tourists. Therefore, we Eco-FarmVillas provide various services like luxury villas and resorts in Kotagiri, Coonoor and all over the Nilgiris.

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Anaikatti is a captivating town set in the mesmerizing Western Ghats; Anaikatti is encircled and surrounded by an organic environmental environment on all sides and graced by shiny streams and other water-friendly ones. Anaikatti is one of kinds of escapes from the runaway frenzy of the city world, a comma in the generally continuous surge of life. There is substantially more to do in Anaikatti other than appreciating the magnificence of the spot, here is a rundown of activities while you are in Anaikatti. We usually provide luxury villas and resorts in Anaikatti Coimbatore.
riverside villas maayaa

Riverside Villas @Anaikatti

The main mission of developing this mesmerizing luxury gated community villas, individual villas, resorts, farmland and farm villas in Anaikatti is to serve people by delivering eco-friendly villas.

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Hillside Villas @Anaikatti

Maayaa Hillside Villas and Plots, promises to be a wooded, eco-friendly heaven located in Anaikatti, Inspired from the tropical SRILANKAN ARCHITECTURE, surrounded by lush green trees with a breathtaking view of Hills!

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